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Chicken Dhal Curry

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This chicken dhal curry is vibrant, creamy, rich and absolutely full of flavour. As it simmers away, all the wonderful fragrances fill your kitchen and it’s just to die for!


Chicken Dhal Curry


It has a rich coconut flavour that’s not overpowering, while all the other flavours shine through with every mouthful.


Chicken Dhal Curry


It’s a great curry to enjoy with rice or chapatis (or both if your anything like us).

Mopping up all the sauce with chapatis, a bit of chicken and rice is just HEAVEN!

This is a really special homemade curry you will want to make time and time again, a real comforting delight, plus it’s so quick and easy.


Chicken Dhal Curry


If you wanted to make it a vegan recipe, then all you’d need to do is replace the chicken with a robust vegetable like aubergine (eggplant). Dean would never let me do that though, he’s a real meat lover! Randomly we did have some of the sauce left over at the end, we had it on top of fried eggs for brunch the next day and it was delicious!


Chicken Dhal Curry


It’s a great curry to cook ahead of time and heat up if you have a busy week ahead. Next time I make it, I’d like to get some big, fat, juicy prawns to go in there. Delicious!


Here’s another great recipe for a CURRY in a HURRY! Easy Chicken and Chickpea Curry.

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