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Christmas Martini

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One of the biggest parts of Christmas (apart from the food) is the booze! Going to a local liquor shop and mixing alcohol are part of many families’ tradition. Whether it’s sipping on eggnog, brandy or choosing your favorite bottle from your wine cases, everyone loves a festive drink. So how about a few Christmas cocktails to spice things up a bit? This martini is so simple to make but looks and tastes fantastic! Give it a go and impress your friends and family on Christmas Day.

Christmas Martini-6

We love cocktails and always have them whenever we go out. Dean’s favourite is a French Martini and mine is a Bellini. We actually made the Christmas martini last year for my family and it went down a storm.

Christmas Martini-3

Dean has always been into the idea of cocktail making so I bought him a mixologists set a few Christmases ago. You don’t have to have one to make this drink but it helps to get that authentic taste – plus it provides a bit of entertainment when everyone has a go! Just make sure the lid is firmly on as you don’t want to be cleaning cranberry juice out of the carpet!

Christmas Martini-4

When making the cocktails for the blog we had our friends Tristan and Gemma round to be our taste testers! They enjoyed the cocktails very much 😄

If you’re more into fizz at Christmas be sure to try our Winter Warmer Fizz recipe.

Christmas Martini-2

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