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Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake With Maple Icing

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I know what you’re thinking — courgette (zucchini) in a cake? 😮 Trust me. This courgette and lemon loaf cake is truly yummy!



Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake


This is what I’d call a magic cake. You can eat it and feel waaaay less guilty than normal because it’s got vegetables in! Plus it tastes great and has a really light, moist texture. Try making it and see for yourself!


Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake


Talking of that moist texture, be careful though as this is my second attempt at making this courgette and lemon loaf cake — the first time it was a little soggy inside. Top tip: make sure you really squeeze out as much liquid as you can from the courgettes to avoid disappointment.


Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake


I had a cake similar to this when we visited York back in January and really enjoyed it. It didn’t have the maple icing, that was something I’ve never had before and wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but it did and tasted really nice.



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Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake


Even though this cake looks very rustic which I love, adding the pistachios just gives it a little prettiness to make it look a little bit special when giving it to guests.


Courgette and Lemon Loaf Cake


If you want to try something a bit different and slightly wacky then this cake is for you, it’s definitely not your traditional sponge but I really think you’ll love it! Who said veggies had to be boring?


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Hi I'm Lucy and I have always been into eating great food! I love all types of food (apart from bananas - yuck!) and am a big fan of enjoying everything in moderation - so yes I do eat naughty stuff too! My motto is to enjoy life and live it to the full which comes down to travelling all around the world experiencing different adventures - usually involving food!



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