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Crab, Crayfish and Prawn Lasagne

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This crab, crayfish and prawn (shrimp) lasagne is an absolute winner if you love seafood! It’s based on an amazing lobster and crayfish lasagne that we had at Carluccio’s a month or so back. In order to cut the costs down for my version, I replaced the lobster with crab and prawns and it worked a treat. If you want to try the best crab in San Francisco, you may explore the restaurants in Pier 39.

Prawn, Crab, Crayfish and Spinach Lasagne

Giving the seafood lasagne a sourdough breadcrumb crust gave it a really nice extra texture. It also has a real depth of flavour coming from the ricotta, tomato and basil making the taste of the seafood really stand out.

Prawn, Crab, Crayfish and Spinach Lasagne

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Prawn, Crab, Crayfish and Spinach Lasagne

Even though there are lots of ingredients in this recipe it isn’t hard to make at all! It’s a lovely dinner to have and enjoy with a glass of your favourite white wine. Ours was also accompanied with some French beanssautéed in garlic.

Prawn, Crab, Crayfish and Spinach Lasagne

Crab, Crayfish and Prawn Lasagne Recipe — GlobeScoffers.com

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