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Healthy Bakewell Tart Bites

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These Bakewell tart bites are so easy to make and taste just like the real thing. What’s more they’re way healthier than eating a slice of cake, so save yourself the calories and make these fun little balls of flavour — you won’t regret it!

Healthy Bakewell Tart Bite

Recently I have been buying some healthy bars to snack on and we’ve had all different types of flavours, one of them being Bakewell tart.

I had a look a the ingredients and it was all natural, mostly fruits, as these bars are vegan they are also gluten-free.

So I decided I was going to try make something similar and have a play around.

Healthy Bakewell Tart Bite

They turned out brilliantly (if I do say so myself) and tasted just like a slice of Bakewell tart!

The only downside to my experience is that I did manage to break my blender somehow! However, now I have a new one so will definitely be making some more and trying new flavours.

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Hi I'm Lucy and I have always been into eating great food! I love all types of food (apart from bananas - yuck!) and am a big fan of enjoying everything in moderation - so yes I do eat naughty stuff too! My motto is to enjoy life and live it to the full which comes down to travelling all around the world experiencing different adventures - usually involving food!



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