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Healthy Kedgeree

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We love rice, curry, eggs and vegetables so I thought—why not make a healthy kedgeree? Which is exactly what I did!

I love colourful dinners, and this one is just that.

Traditionally you would use basmati rice, I decided to use wild rice to make it much healthier and it worked really well. 

Although most kedgerees are made with smoked haddock, they had this lovely fresh piece of cod in the supermarket, so I decided to use that instead.

It tasted delicious and flaked up beautifully.

Healthy Kedgeree

You can get adventurous with all kinds of ingredients to put in your kedgeree, including any sort of veg like peppers, kale and chard.

Make it as colourful as you like and you’ll definitely get some of your 5 a day!

Healthy Kedgeree

If you’re not a fan of too much spice, just tone the chillies down. The yoghurt will help though if you’re feeling daring 😜


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Hi I'm Lucy and I have always been into eating great food! I love all types of food (apart from bananas - yuck!) and am a big fan of enjoying everything in moderation - so yes I do eat naughty stuff too! My motto is to enjoy life and live it to the full which comes down to travelling all around the world experiencing different adventures - usually involving food!



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