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Jackfruit Kimchi Baos

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We visited China last year and got to experience lots of amazingly delicious food! We had lots of baos (Chinese steamed bun) over there and Dean’s favourite was the pork char sui buns.

The type of bao we have today is known as the gua bao in Taiwan or hirata bao in Japan. They basically equate to a delicious and fun Asian take on the burger. Have you tried following a Jackfruit recipe? Figure out how nutritious it is and how it works in many dishes.

These baos are vegan, healthy, tasty and most of all so easy to make.

Kimchi Jackfruit Baos

Now the months are less hectic we can experiment with different ingredients, inspired by our travels last year.

Kimchi Jackfruit Baos

January is all about vegan food these days and we don’t have loads of vegan recipes on the blog (yet) so thought we’d get on board! We aren’t vegan ourselves but love to try different recipes and explore everything when it comes to food.

Kimchi Jackfruit Baos

We have tried jackfruit a few times now so we knew what to expect by the texture and flavour. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really must! It’s not just a meat substitute and we’re hoping to use it in more recipes (including non-vegan) in the future.

Kimchi Jackfruit Baos

Another ingredient you may not have tried is kimchi. It’s basically a slightly spicy Korean fermented vegetable (mainly cabbage) dish. It has a pretty distinctive taste, and while definitely not for everybody — can be very addictive!

In this recipe we’re using kimchi paste to flavour the jackfruit and the vegetables as a slaw to give crunch.

Kimchi Jackfruit Baos

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Hi I'm Lucy and I have always been into eating great food! I love all types of food (apart from bananas - yuck!) and am a big fan of enjoying everything in moderation - so yes I do eat naughty stuff too! My motto is to enjoy life and live it to the full which comes down to travelling all around the world experiencing different adventures - usually involving food!



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