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Prawn and Vegetable Ramen

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We’re still very much in the grasp of our ramen obsession. This prawn (shrimp) and vegetable ramen is probably the best one we’ve done so far. If you’ve never had one then you must give it a try! Who wouldn’t enjoy a warming bowl of aromatic flavoured broth with juicy prawns and mushrooms!? Try it for dinner this week – you won’t be disappointed.

Prawn and Vegetable Ramen recipe

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Chilli Beef Ramen Recipe

When we were in New York we had lots of oriental food and I really enjoyed it – especially the dumplings. We had the best dumplings either of has had ever tried. The had soup inside them and were very yummy (as long as you didn’t burn your lips as you bit into them!). Hopefully this year we are going to visit Japan 😃 – home of the ramen. We are both very excited and can’t wait to try all the different kinds of Japanese food out there.

My brother visited last year and he tried 12 ramen in 2 weeks(!!) and said they were the best he had ever tried.


Prawn and Vegetable Ramen recipe


As it’s quite cold at the moment you want something that’s going to warm you up and this ramen certainly does that. Its packed full of vegetables and oriental flavours you really can’t go wrong!


Prawn and Vegetable Ramen recipe


Try adding different ingredients if you like experimenting and check out our Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ramen recipe or Chilli Beef Ramen recipe if you’d prefer yours meaty! Have you ever been to Japan and/or tried ramen? Let me know in the comments! 👍


Prawn and Vegetable Ramen recipe

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