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Spicy Bean and Fried Egg Tostada

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We absolutely love Mexican food and quite often have it for brunch as well as dinner. I buy Avocados without fail whenever I go shopping, so most weeks there is something Mexican on the menu.

Spicy Bean, Fried Egg Tostada

We’ve been trying to have more beans and pulses in our diet as they’re really good for you.

Spicy Bean, Fried Egg Tostada

We decided to make this recipes for brunch as we do love our eggs too, my philosophy is that everything tastes better with a runny egg! 

This recipe was inspired by a dish Dean had for brunch but his came with pulled pork, but we decided to keep ours a bit healthier and go down the veggie route.

Spicy Bean, Fried Egg Tostada

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Hi I'm Lucy and I have always been into eating great food! I love all types of food (apart from bananas - yuck!) and am a big fan of enjoying everything in moderation - so yes I do eat naughty stuff too! My motto is to enjoy life and live it to the full which comes down to travelling all around the world experiencing different adventures - usually involving food!



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