Book Review: Made in India by Meera Sodha

Book Review: Made in India by Meera Sodha - Globe Scoffers | globescoffers.com

Dean and I absolutely love eating Indian food and it is one of our favourite cuisines. We were recommended this book from one of Dean’s good friends Ed. I have completely fallen in love with it and although we have lots of recipe books I have never used a cookbook as much as this one!

Made in India Book

Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Samosas

Love Indian food? Have a look at our sweet potato and goats cheese samosa recipe!

Five years ago when Dean and I met it upsets me to say that we would cook Indian food with a jar of curry sauce. As we have grown as a couple we have also grown with our cooking skills and our love for food in the kitchen. We’ve also discovered that making curries is almost as enjoyable as eating them and will always be a million times better than from a jar.

Thanks to this book we have come so far with our Indian food, author Meera Sodha sticks to her words when she says Indian food is fresh, simple, packed with flavour, quick and easy. This book has 130 recipes ranging from street food like samosas to delicious curries, some saucy and some more on the dry side, through to side dishes and some delicious puddings.

Made in India Book

It’s a fantastic book to have in your home as it teaches you how to make cooking Indian food at home easy, it will change the way you have been cooking Indian food and make you think about it. I can’t recommend it enough.

Made in India Book

This book has helped Dean and I adapt our own recipes to make them even better with lots more flavour bursting from them. We love cooking a curry of a weekend and having a real feast with all the side dishes and naan breads.

Meera Sodha says that this book is written for everyone, from first timers to seasoned cooks, and for those who love Indian food but don’t know where to start.

Made in India Book

Most of her recipes can be cooked quickly and in around 30 minutes and you should be able to get the vast majority of ingredients from the local supermarket.

Made in India Book

Meera also has another book called Fresh India, which I have only recently bought. It’s a followup to the first but features only vegetarian dishes. I’m slowly getting through the book and I find it particularly great for side dishes.

Made in India Book


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