Hogwurst Cardiff Review

Hogwurst Cardiff – Review

Last weekend I took a trip to Cardiff with a very good friend of mine. Annie and I have been friends since secondary school. We both love food and when we order we always share, the great thing is we both like to try everything we can. Our visit to Hogwurst definitely showed that!


Annie picked me up from Worcester and we set off at about 11am. Dean would normally join our food fest weekend but he was lucky enough to be in France at Le Mans enjoying French cuisine instead.

We arrived in Cardiff and there was a food festival on in Cardiff Bay so we headed straight down there for lunch. Annie and I chose a lobster roll and a crab roll – both came with chips and we shared it all.



We had a walk around the festival and I tried some famous Welsh cake which was really yummy! It had the texture of a scone and with sultanas in. It also had a hint cinnamon and I can imagine they are popular at Christmas.

Another reason for coming to Cardiff was to visit an amazing restaurant called Hogwurst! They are famous for their gourmet hotdogs. Where do I begin? WOW what amazing hotdogs! I was spoilt for choice and really struggling to order as it all sounded delicious.

There are around 15 dogs to choose from all with different toppings. A few of the hotdogs are chicken based, which I think is great to add variety to their menu. I decided to go for one called “Ze German” in the end which was a pork frankfurter, cabbage and apple sauerkraut, crispy onions, mustard and ketchup, served on brioche buns.

There were dogs with BBQ pulled pork, chilli con carne, curry sauce and many more extras such as relishes, onions and sauerkraut. View the menu here.

Ze German Dog

I was lucky enough to try “The Glam Dog” as a side which was a vegetarian option. It was homemade with two cheese and leek with a sweet chilli relish, it had so much flavour and the balance was perfect!

We had lots of sides to go with our dogs, there was 5 of us so we all shared. We had their spam sticks covered in breadcrumbs which were really interesting and tasted delicious with the sweet chilli dip. I thought this was a great idea and I’ve never seen or tried spam sticks before.


We had a side of the chilli con carne which I was really pleased about as I really liked the sound of the Chilli Dog. It was fantastic and had some real heat to it which I really love. We had 3 lots of fries: sweet potato, garlic cheesy and amigos – paprika and cajun.


This is the Chilli Dog

We also had fried chicken bites with curry sauce and garlic dressed onion rings. I was absolutely stuffed!



Hogwurst is a fantastic place to go and visit to have something different to eat. All of their franks are natural, free-range and applewood smoked from native breeds in Gloucester. It is a very relaxed and informal place where you can come and just have a coffee and a cake or they do have some amazing milk shakes, as well you can get one of the Best coffee subscriptions uk.

I love that they have coffee bags to buy they have Standard Coffe Sizes, Coffee Size, I saw them and they look amazing! Hogwurst encourage you to bring your own alcohol to enjoy with there amazing food, personally I think this is great! They also do take away so if you live in Cardiff you can enjoy from your own home.

I would highly recommend Hogwurst. Breakfast, lunch or dinner you wont be disappointed – they’re a friendly bunch and will look after you! I’m definitely going to return to take Dean there next time we’re in Cardiff!


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