Hot Cross

Hot Cross Buns

Dean had a crazy idea to make hot cross buns together and was extremely excited about it, so I agreed to get involved!

To cut a long story short: the first 15 ended up in the bin, as they were slightly burnt. We did our research and followed a trusted recipe, so were both a little frustrated when that happened. It proved to be a good reminder that every oven is different, so keep an eye on those buns!

Hot Cross

Normally, if a recipe goes disastrously wrong, I would get into a bit of a strop and never want to make it again! But not this time, we had worked so hard, and yes it is a lengthy process, with lots of proving and waiting around, but they were so close to being perfect, we had to try again.

Hot Cross

A few days later, we decided to make them again, but adapted the recipe to make it our own. Also, lowering the oven temperature made a huge difference and we got 15 perfectly golden (and delicious) hot cross buns.

I know you can buy them in the supermarket but I would really recommend making these hot cross buns, as a bit of fun, plus they’re great if you have children and you want to get them involved.

We put half of ours in the freezer. They’re easy to defrost and toast whenever you like.

Hot Cross

They taste delicious and were lovely toasted with butter and marmalade.


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