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What working from home has taught me

Working remotely is no longer the future of work. Its a present situation many of us are facing right now.

What Does Remote Work Mean for Me?

Since the beginning of time, humans have always found themselves in unusual situations that required coordination and co-operation from multiple people. For example, in order to survive, animals need to find food. This is where we come in. The same applies for the workplace.

When working remotely, we have the ability to communicate with someone that is thousands of miles away. However, due to the massive amount of differences in distance and the way remote workers perceive the world, it takes an immense amount of coordination and understanding for us to co-operate effectively. We get asked a lot too how to monitor an employees computer as so many of those staff now work from home so if this is a situation that you are in too then see that service as it’s brilliant.

For example, we may be dealing with a project that involves co-ordinating a set of tasks across hundreds of people. It might require us to check in with someone in Ireland or Europe in order to ensure that the design is implemented, or it might involve coordinating the release of a new web application for the customer. To make sure the project is on track, we need to ensure everyone is sharing information, setting up communication tools and communicating effectively. A large part of the complexity in remote work is keeping everyone in the loop, and this can only be achieved by working closely with each other to set up the infrastructure and processes necessary for co-operation. Remote work, as a work environment, is not for everyone. For people who live with family, the responsibilities that are associated with remote work can be overwhelming and may take a lot of work to adjust to. In addition, many people who work remotely are self-employed or contract workers, and we have a different set of responsibilities for them. Some remote work is easier to manage because you don’t necessarily have to be on the same time zone as your team. For example, some projects have clients who are based in different time zones. They work at night and the team works in the morning. They also need to work without distractions and to have someone constantly on call to help. Other remote work involves working in remote areas. For example, one of my projects is to test the effectiveness of electronic voting in developing countries.

So is it just that these projects are harder to manage? Can you work remotely without having any difficulty managing them?

No, I’ve actually found that some remote work is easier to manage than others. The things you can do without the hassle of an office or office equipment are many. For example, if you work in an open office, you can move around with the others, work from anywhere, and still have good communication. There’s no office computer and no equipment needed to monitor the work. If you do need an office, you don’t have to go to work at the office, and there’s no equipment to buy. If there are no employees in an office, you can spend a lot more time doing your own thing, like hanging out at home or taking long walks in nature. There are plenty of things you can do in your local area that aren’t time consuming, which can have a major impact on how you spend your day, which, in turn, will impact your happiness.

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