Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes with Prosecco Frosting

Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes with Prosecco Frosting

These strawberry and vanilla cupcakes are so fun to make and the best part is once they’re done you get to drink the leftover prosecco! So it’s a winner for me. Everyone loves a glass of fizz with a strawberry dropped in. So this is my version of that in a cupcake. They are so fluffy and light and with that fresh strawberry inside you get a great texture and crunch. Plus with that prosecco frosting, it really does taste like you’re sipping it out of a glass!


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The summer months are approaching! Hopefully, we’ll have some lovely weather with lots of sun, as all it seems to have done where I live in Worcester is rain! These cakes would be great for any celebration – perfect for a birthday, summer party, afternoon tea and to give to friends or family as a gift.


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I made mine and took them round to a friend’s house where we were having a girly catch up followed by a curry.


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When I was making the frosting, I wasn’t sure how much prosecco to add so I did it a tablespoon at a time as I didn’t want it to go too runny. I got to 3 tablespoons and still couldn’t taste it. I asked Dean what he thought and he agreed, so we kept on going. The flavour was subtle but gave the frosting a sweet taste.

I didn’t want to keep adding more as I didn’t want the frosting to become too runny that I couldn’t pipe it. I played safe but if you fancy a bit more of a boozy frosting then give it a go and let me know how it turns out!


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We were all stuffed from our takeaway curry – it was so good! My friend Kate had made a cardamom rice pudding for dessert so we all had a small portion of that (it was delicious, I must get the recipe from her!). I was thinking to myself there’s no way I can eat cake as well! Everyone else decided to have one, so I had to have one of my own cakes too!

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I just went with it, I surprised myself I really enjoyed it and the cake was so light it wasn’t a struggle to eat at all. The girls all said they loved it and could taste the prosecco so I was really pleased. I gave the rest of the cakes to family and friends and they all said they were a winner!


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You can decorate your cake whichever way you prefer I put pale pink rainbow dust on mine and I thought it added a really nice finish!


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6 responses to “Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes with Prosecco Frosting”

  1. it sounds delicious! they look so lovely:)

    1. Thank you Anna!

  2. Can you change the grams portions of the recipe to American measurements? 1/4 cup, tablespoon, etc? Please and thank you.

    1. Hi Alison, thanks for getting in touch. You can change the recipe units from metric to US imperial using the box just below where it says “Servings: 12 cakes”. Hope that helps!

  3. I’m thinking about Macarons with your prosecco frosting with strawberries, do you think it’s going to work this way?

    1. Yes, I think this would be a lovely combination and work together really well. I love macarons

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